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Russian "Projektu 613" submarine, NATO code named "Whiskey"-class.
Now Museum Ship offered for sale at only EUR 250.000

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Position: Landskrona, Sweden.  
Offered by Hugo Hein in cooperation with Mr. Arne Timmerling

1956-1957. 256 Whiskey class submarines were built on 9 different shipyards in the Soviet Union.
Material: Steel, pressure hull thickness 25-30 mm. Max diving depth secret but said to be around 500'.

Length: 75.2 meters
Beam: 6.3 meters
Draft: 3 meters in fore, 4.8 in aft.

1050 tons surfaced, 1350 tons submerged. Today batteries and some other equipment is removed and the displacement today could be around 700 tonnes.

Main engine:

2 x 37-D diesels, 2000 bHp each. Diesel-electric running. Smaller 150 kW electric engines for creep drive.
Engines new 1987.
Cruising speed: Surface speed 17-18 knots. Submerged 13-14 knots.

Diesel - 120 000 litres giving a range of 12-15 000 nautical miles.

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When in service, the sub had a crew of 56 on board. One shift sleeping and one on duty.
The vessel is divided into seven water tight sections: Forward torpedo room, living areas/ battery room,
aft torpedo room/living quarters, control room/living quarters/galley and engine/ battery room.
The mess has about 40 table-seats. When sailing, the vessel could be submerged for three days in a row.
The armament consists of four 530 mm torpedo tubes in the bow and two in the stern.
A 76mm and a 25 mm cannon were originally fitted on deck.

Museum vessel
For 10 years, the U-194 has been used as a floating museum vessel. She has toured along the Swedish coastlines with much success. As many as 100 visitors have been on board at the same time, with long cues waiting on land. Included in the asking price is a ticket & souvenirshop as well as a truck with Russian logos. A staff of two is sufficient to keep the museum running.
The U-194 has also been used with success for parties, weddings and dances.

As she is today the vessel is not able to sail but has been towed between the Swedish coastal towns.
It would require little work to install two smaller diesel engines and have her running in surface mode.
Restoring the submarine to diving capacity would be possible in theory, but would require much work.
All valves and chambers for diving have been blinded, the batteries for underwater running have been removed. Today the submarine is not registered as a ship.

There are no "Projektu 613" submarines in service in Russia today, the last remaining were decommissioned in the early nineties. There are some sisters in use as museum vessels around the world, but we dare to say that the 194 is the most complete and historically most interesting of them.

Whisky on the rocks
The sister vessel U 137 is well known in Sweden; in 1981 she ran aground outside the Swedish naval base in Karlskrona.

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Position: Landskrona, Sweden.  

Price: 250 000 EURO


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